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Every day at Le Moyne College, faculty are transforming the world through their teaching, research, and service. Discover some of the meaningful contributions they are making on campus, in the local community, and around the world.

Le Moyne EMS

In an emergency, every minute counts. Le Moyne's EMS agency is run by student volunteers and is making an impact on campus health & safety.

Upward Bound

They are ready. They are prepared. They are serious. They are graduates of Upward Bound, a program housed on the Le Moyne campus that prepares students local high school students for success in college and well beyond.

Upward Bound

Unlocking Doors

A graduate degree at Le Moyne can unlock countless doors. From health care to education to business to art, we offer a variety of dynamic, innovative programs to help students reach their highest potential professionally, & serve their communities with skill & integrity.


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A Jesuit education goes far beyond textbooks and classrooms

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Sempre Avanti

President Linda LeMura’s vision for Le Moyne begins in the classroom: one student, one teacher, one connection at a time. Over the next five years, Le Moyne will continue to introduce cutting-edge, 21st century programs that will propel our students to become the bold, imaginative leaders our society so urgently needs. Led by world-renowned faculty members, the most innovative thinkers in fields, we will continue to draw the brightest, most highly qualified students to our campus.

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The Value of the Liberal ArtsAt a time when the value of the Liberal Arts has been questioned in our society, Le Moyne serves a critical social role.

The Always Forward Campaign“The Always Forward Campaign has the potential to make another significant change in our objective reality, in how we do our jobs here, how we reach our students and in what kinds of alumni we send out into the world.” - John Langdon 67, Ph.D.